Happy New Year!

First, let me say that I hope you had a great group of holidays (whichever holidays you celebrate). I know I did. It was great seeing family and spending the New Year’s celebration with my girlfriend at a place called The Lodge in Dallas, Texas (honestly, look it up).

But now that it’s finally 2016 (I know some of you were expecting 2015S), we have work to do.

This is the year that big things are happening for you and we have to get cracking. All of the changes that you want to make in your life are finally possible. Even I have decided to stop messing around and get all these things I’ve been meaning to do for months DONE! Art Of The Playboy has brand new bootcamps, seminars, and conferences to attend and I want you there so that you can finally live up to the potential you know is inside you.

First; I’ll be speaking at Johnny Soporno’s annual Successfulness conference. As you may or may not know, I speak at this conference every year with the likes of Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Bravo, Steve Pavlina, and many others. It’s always a blast. This is the ninth year that this seminar has been running and I’ve been at the past 5 (or 6)! If you’d like to attend this lifechanging workshop, let ME know so I can pass my discount on to you.

Running concurrent with that weeklong event, I’ll be doing the (again, annual) AOTP Bootcamp right on the strip. This past year was a blast and our students had an amazing time! The women in Las Vegas are the most beautiful in the US, traveling far and wide to enjoy all the vices Las Vegas has to offer 😉 For more information on what the bootcamp contains. Click HERE.

Aside from those, we have lots of developments: If you weren’t able to attend the Texting Fundamentals Masterclass hosted by Sasha Daygame and I, the recording will be available online very soon. On top of that, we’re planning to expand on it and introduce a new Webinar getting down to the nitty gritty of erotic talk!

We also have brand new bootcamps on the books in Seattle, Honolulu, Paris, and Austin to make it easy to train with AOTP wherever you are! Take a look at our workshops page for more info on all the bootcamps on the calendar.

That’s all for now and, again, I’d like to say happy 2016 and wish for all of your wildest dreams to come true. This is our year to finally become the man we’ve wanted to be!

Very sincerely,




Gareth Roger Martin Jones