Do you need to learn how to text girls?
Tomorrow (Sunday the 13th of December) at 2pm EST, I’ll be doing a Texting Masterclass with Sasha Daygame to discuss the most intricate and extensive ways to learn exactly how to text girls you meet. I’ll be going through things like…
-Making her want to see you ASAP!
-Keeping her interested even if you’re traveling!
-Actually getting her out on dates
-Reducing flakes
-The science behind Text Game that you NEVER KNOW!
If you’re familiar with my OLD Text To Sex program, you know how solid this knowledge is and you know it’s almost like CHEATING. Well, it’s been updated for 2015 and I can’t wait to share it with you!
Whether you’re stuck on the basics of texting or want to shape up your game to be tighter than EVERYONE ELSE that hasn’t studied with me, this masterclass is for you.
As you may or may not know, I usually charge $175/hr for Skype sessions, but this will only be $97 for the whole 3 hours (probably more) and it’s money back guarantee, as well.

How about you take a look at this review from a REAL student:

“Gareth has taught me how to translate impacting, meaningful, emotional communication into written word. Before Gareth and I, worked together I had often found myself wondering why, girls weren’t texting me back. Everything SEEMED good when they gave me their number, but then there was often no traction in the days that followed. Gareth not only helped me fine tune my face to face interactions, by teaching me to be more authentic, but also gave me very practical ways to translate those encounters into fulfilling (and fun), relationships through the power of written language AKA SMS; (girls will often express their love and appreciation with MMS) – which is the BEST). I highly recommend contacting Gareth in order to take your text game to the next level. Thanks, Gareth.”

I’ve been prepping all week for it and know it will blow your socks off. Click the picture to head towards the registration link!

Sasha Daygame and I in Belgrade!