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I never thought I’d be the sort of person to enlist the help of a coach… guru… whatever you want to classify Gareth as, but after seeing him work with a client that I was doing protective services for, I found myself having second thoughts.
Traveling as much as I do, and not having any real ties to a “home city” as a result, it’s always been hard for me to create lasting and sincere relationships with women. Gareth met with me while I was in between clients in Las Vegas and in one weekend was able to help me reframe my approach and thought process to meeting and attracting women in a genuine, sincere, and effective manner.
I now consider him a consigliere, and consult with him constantly over Skype when I have a spare moment on flights or while clients are on their own. His ability to analyze a situation that I present him with and clearly convey to me what I should be doing and where I’m getting in my own way, both literally and figuratively, is astonishing.
On top of that, Gareth understands my paramount necessity for discretion as a result of my profession, and has been nothing but phenomenal in that light. Forget showy tactics, flashy outfits, and braggadocio that can clear a room- Art of the Playboy is the perfect solution for any discerning individual who also has a want or need for privacy.
Houston, TX
I worked with Gareth for a weekend while he was in Boston, and it was an phenomenal experience. As a teacher Gareth combines empathy, intuition, a flexible instruction style with an unprecedented level of understanding of social situations, and male-female interactions.
In one weekend, he was able to help me understand how to make genuine connections with women, while instilling an attitude that allowed me to display my individuality in an attractive, smooth, engaging manner. The results speak for themselves: At the age of 25, I had never experienced true intimacy with a women; three weeks after Gareth’s instruction, I was able to use Gareth’s teachings to connect with and begin dating my current girlfriend.
I still use the concepts and fundamentals that Gareth taught me daily, and as a result I have established a lifestyle that truly makes me happy to wake up every morning. Save up your goddamn money, and spend a weekend with Gareth. Trust me, it will help you achieve everything you secretly want to be.
A Chandra. Boston, MA