Hello from Detroit!

Gareth here, from Detroit, putting up a little message to let you know what’s been going on. Very recently, I did some workshops in Seattle and Detroit and everyone involved had an absolute blast. It was a great time to catch up with old alumnus in Seattle (the site of my very FIRST traveling bootcamp) and in Detroit, where I did two Style sessions with an alumni and his new-to-AOTP friend! Seattle was a difficult weekend overcoming personal fears and Detroit was a logistical nightmare, but important impacts were made with students, numbers were gotten, conversations were had, and I’m proud of all the hard work each of my students did. I really am.

Just yesterday, my student in Detroit got the number of “the hottest girl” he’s ever SEEN……

EVEN THOUGH she said she had a boyfriend!!

How did he get that number even after she said she had a boyfriend? Well, that’s our little secret for now…

But what ISN’T a secret is how I will be speaking at The 21 Convention NEXT WEEKEND in Miami!

Boy am I stoked. Really.

This is going to be an absolute blast. I’ve never spoken at this conference, but a ton of my friends will be there (including The Natural Lifestyles guys, as well as another Australian that I haven’t seen in ages, James Maclane!). I’m certain this event will be an amazing experience for everyone involved!

I’m so confident, that I’m offering a $200 discount on the tickets at THIS link. Once you head over there, make sure to use the code ‘aotp50’ so that you get the proper discount on tickets. This year, I’m going to be digging deep in the vaults and pulling out some really heavy stuff about texting and escalation over text, so you won’t want to miss it.

From blustery fall Michigan to hot and tempting Miami, I have suitcase will travel and will hopefully see you this next trip!

Faithfully yours, Gareth Roger Martin Jones.

p.s. Who do you think THIS is?