Yeehaw! If you've never been to the live music capital of the world, you're missing out! Beer, BBQ and southern babes are the main attractions of this most exciting city in Texas. With University of Texas smack-dab in the middle of Austin, you're guaranteed a bevy of newly-admitted college beauties to practice your skills on. Three days and three nights in this city will give you a great foundation to start meeting the women of your dreams wherever you go!


During the bootcamp we will cover:

  • Confidence through experience
  • What women want from a lover
  • The structure behind seducing ANY woman
  • How to channel your inner Playboy to attract EVERYONE
  • How to live the lifestyle of an incredible man
  • Seductive mindsets and the ability to approach ANYONE
  • Embodying cool
  • Which openers work and why they work
  • How to hold a great conversation
  • Engaging women in all circumstances
  • Flirting and Charisma
  • Masculine and Tactical Body Language
  • Directed Conversation
  • The RIGHT way to get her number
  • How to follow up
  • How to get a girl on a date
  • What makes a good date
  • Improving personal style and lifestyle
  • Getting out of the “Friend Zone”
  • Sexual Conversation
  • Kissing, sensual, and sexual touch
  • Romantic, Sensual, and Sexual language
  • Transitioning to sex
  • Aftercare and continuing relationships

Live training will include:

  • Classroom and Infield every day
  • Infield Microphone sessions
  • Time to socialize with coaches
  • Off-the-cuff additions to your seduction library
  • Relevant topic discussions infield
  • Constant debriefs

Price By application.

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