A few of you know Gareth is from Massachusetts and even went to school IN Boston which is why it's one of his favorite places to teach. Rich with culture, beauty, and college girls (Boston is the site of 35 colleges and more than 152,000 students!), bootcamps in Boston are always old-school, New England class and are a ton of fun. Halloween is going to make the city even crazier! We'll be dressing up and meeting people in full-on holiday party mode and we'll be sure to give them exactly what they're looking for.

During the bootcamp we will cover:

  • Confidence through experience
  • What women want from a lover
  • The structure behind seducing ANY woman
  • How to channel your inner Playboy to attract EVERYONE
  • How to live the lifestyle of an incredible man
  • Seductive mindsets and the ability to approach ANYONE
  • Embodying cool
  • The different types of openers and which work BEST
  • How to hold a great conversation
  • Engaging women in all circumstances
  • Flirting and Charisma
  • Masculine and Tactical Body Language
  • Directed Conversation
  • The RIGHT way to get her number
  • How to follow up
  • How to get a girl on a date
  • What makes a good date
  • Improving personal style and lifestyle
  • Getting out of the “Friend Zone”
  • Sexual Conversation
  • Kissing, Sensual, and Sexual touch
  • Romantic, Sensual, and Sexual language
  • Aftercare and continuing relationships

Live training can include:

  • Classroom and Infield every night (on longer programs)
  • Infield Microphone sessions for daygame
  • Time to socialize with coaches and long Q&A sessions
  • Off-the-cuff additions to your seduction library
  • Relevant topic discussions infield
  • Constant debriefs and debriefs after ever infield session

Price By application.

Please fill in the inquiry form below and an AOTP Advisor will be in touch shortly.